Established compliment of article 10 by law 34/2002 of 11th July for social services of information and electronic commerce (later LSSICE) is informing in a express, precise and unmistakable way to the addressee of the service as well as to the competent organisms, of the following relative aspects to loaned services to the information society:
CIF: B46238750
DIRECTION: 68-70 Benetusser St. Paiporta 46200
TEL: 963 975 629

There are existing regulations in Europe and Spain of data to protect your personal information on obliged fulfillment for our firm.
For that it is very important for us for you to understand what we are going to do with the personal data we are asking you. Thus, we are transparent and will give you the control of your data, in a simple language and clear options which will enable you to decide what we will do with your personal information.
Please, once you have read the present information and if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us.
Thank you for your collaboration.
1. Contact our delegate in data protection
Do you know that in our firm, we have a delegate in data protection where you can send all your claims, doubts and suggestions, above all the use of your personal information?.
· Tel- of contact: 963 975 629
· Electronic mail:

2. What are we going to use you data for?
Your personal data will be used so we can connect with you to give you our personal services and to attend to your personal requests which have been realized through our web forms.
And so, they can also be used for other activities such as sending you publicity or promote our activities.

3. Why do we need to use your data?
Your personal data are necessary so we can connect with you and be able to give you our services, which will allow us the use of your information within legality.
Nevertheless, there are definite situations in which we need your prior permission to realize definite activities such as sending you publicity or publishing your image in internet.
For that we will place a series of pigeon holes to your disposition which will allow you to decide clearly and simply the use of your personal information.

4. Who will know about the information we are asking you? Only the personal of our firm who are properly authorized can have the knowledge of the information we are asking you.
At he same time, those companies who need access to the knowledge of your personal information to us how we can offer our services. So for example our bank will know their data if payment for our services are carried out through credit cards or bank transfers. In the same way, they will have knowledge of your information those public or private firms to whom we are obliged to facilitate your private data with the motive of fulfillment any law. Putting an example the tributary law obliges us to facilitate the determined information to the Tributary Agency on economic operations which surpass a determined quantity.
In case, apart from the supposed comments, we need to make known your personal information to other firms, we will ask you previously your permission through clear options which will allow you to decide to this respect.
Legal Notice and private policy

5. How are we going to protect your data?
We will protect your data with efficient measures of security in function with the risks which involve the use of your information. For this, our firm has approved a Policy of Protection of Data and controls and annual auditories are carried out to verify that your personal data are safe at all times.

6. Shall we send your data to other countries?
There are countries in the world which are safe for your data but in some others not so much. So for example, the European Union is safe for your data. Our policy is not to send your personal information to any country which is not safe from the point of view for the protection of your data. In case, with the reason of giving you this service, it’s essential to send your data to a country which is not as safe as Spain, we will always ask for your permission previously and will apply measures of efficient security thus reducing the risk of sending your personal information to another country.

7. How long are we going to keep your data?
We will keep your data during our relationship and as long as the law obliges us. Once the applied legal terms are ended, we will proceed to eliminate safely and respectfully with the environment.

8. What are your rights in protection of date?
You can get in touch with us any moment to know what information we have on you, rectify if it was incorrect and eliminate once our relationship has ended, in case it is legally possible. You also have the right to ask for the transfer of your information to another firm. This right is called “Portability” and can be useful in determined situations. To seek for some of these rights you should realize a written application to our direction together with a photocopy of your I.D so as to identify yourself. At the offices of our firm we dispose of specific forms to ask for the mentioned rights and we will offer our help for its fulfillment.
To know more about your rights on protection of data, you can consult our webpage of Spanish Agency of Data (

9. Can you withdraw your consent if your change your opinion at a posterior moment?
You can withdraw your consent if you change your opinion about the use of your data at any time. So, for example, if you were interested before in receiving our publicity on products or services but no you no longer wish to receive publicity, you can inform us through the form available at the offices of our firm.

10. In case you feel your rights haven’t been attended, where can you lodge a claim?
In case you feel your rights haven’t been attended by our firm, you can lodge a claim to the Spanish Agency for the protection of Data through one of these channels.
(a) Electronic Head office:
(b) Postal Direction: Spanish Agency for the Protection of Data C/Jorge Juan Nº6. Madrid 28001
(c) Tel: 901 100 099

There is no cost involved in lodging a claim at the Spanish Agency for Protection of Data not it is necessary the assistance of a lawyer or a solicitor.

11. Do we elaborate a profile on you?
Our policy is not to elaborate any profiles on the users of our services.
None the less there could exist situations where the aim of lending services, commercials or other types in which we need to elaborate informatics profiles on you.
An example could be the use of history in buying or services to offer to you products or services adapted to your tastes or necessities.
In the case, we will always keep you previously informed and will apply measures if efficient security to protect your information at all time from persons not authorized who pretend to use it for their own benefit.

12. Will we use your for other purposes?
Our policy is not to use your Data for other distinctive purposes which we have explained; Yes, nevertheless, we need to use your data for distinctive activities. We will always ask you previously for your permission through clear options which will allow you to decide duly.

13. Quality of agreed data
Our polity is not to gather data of persons under the age of 13 in case of a person under 13 provides is with your data, we will proceed of its immediate destruction.
False data can’t be provided or of a third party without his consent. You are responsible for the truth and accuracy of date contributed.

Legal Notice and private policy


1. Applied regulations
The second part of article 22 of law 34/2002, July 11th social services of information and electronic commercial (LSSICE), establish the following.
Those loading that their services can use stocking dispositions and recover data in terminal teams of the addresses on condition that they themselves have given their consent once they haven been facilitated clear and complete information about its use, particularly about the processing of data with the arranged agreement in the organic law 15/1999 of December 13th, of Personal Character for Data Protection. When it is technically possible and effective, the consent of the addressee to accept the processing of data could facilitate the use of adequate parameters of the navigator or other applications, as long as the other should proceed to its configuration during the installation or updating through a specific action to such effect. The previous will not impede the possible stocking or access to the technical type for carrying out the transmission of a communication through an electronic communication network or in the measure where it is strictly necessary for leading services to an informatics society expressly asked by the addressee. According to the “Guide on use of the cookies” published by the Spanish Agency for the protection of Data (AEPD) in the year 2013, the LSSI-CE is applicable in any of archive device which downloads in the terminal equipment of a user with the aim of stocking data that can be actualized and recovered for the responsible firm in its installation. The cookie is one of those dispositive for general use for which we will denominate later as cookies. Performance of the obligations established in article 22-2 of the LSSI-CE is excluded for the cookies used in some of the following purposes.
Allowing only communication between the user’s equipment and the network.
Providing strictly a service asked by the user.
2. Types of cookies and their purpose
A cookie id a card index downloaded in your computer which allows a webpage, among others, to stock and recover information a habits of navigation of a user and this equipment and depending on the information contained and the way he uses his computer which can be used to recognize the user.
As mentioned in the “Guide on the use of cookies” of the Spanish Agency for the protection of data, according to the purpose, different types of data obtained through the cookies exist.
- Technical cookies. They are those which allow the user to navigate through a webpage, platform or application and the use of different options or services.
For example, to control the traffic and communication of data identification of the session, acceding to limited parts of access, remembering the elements which compose of a request, realizing the process of the purchase of an order realizing the inscription or participation in a event, using elements of security during navigation, stocking contents for diffusion of videos, sound or to share contents through social reds.
- Cookies of personalization. They are which allow the user to acceded to the service of some general characteristics predefined in a serie of judgements in the terminal of the user as for example the language will be the type of navigator through which can accede to the service, the regional configuration from where the service is acceded…
Analysis of cookies. They are which allow the responsible the pursuit and analysis of the users behavior in the web sites in which they are vinculated. The information recollected through these types of cookies are used in the medition of activity in the web sites, application or platforms and elaboration of perfiles of navigation users of the mentioned sites, applications, and platforms, so as to introduce improvement in function to the analysis of used data that the service users make.
- Publicity Cookies. They are which allow the management the best efficient way possible to the publicity spaces which in its case, the editor has included a web page, application or platform from where it gives the requested service, such as the edited contact or the frequency in which the announcements are shown.
- Cookies of publicity conduct. They are that allow the gestion in a best possible way of the publicity spaces which in its case, the editor has included a web page, application or platform from where a requested service in given. These cookies stock information of the users behavior obtained through continuous observation of their habits in navigation which permits to develop a specific perfile to show publicity in function of the same.

Legal Notice and private policy
3. Beginning of Information
The information you receive through cookies which are installed in your computer will be used with the following purposes.
Example: to guarantee the quality, security and improvement of the services offered.
The addressees of information obtained through cookies installed in their computers will be the following firms. Our firm as responsible editor of the web and the treaty. The following firms directly relation with our firm, (if this is the case).
Example: google (if google Adwords or google analysis are used).

4. Beginning of a consent
Your agreement to install cookies is carried out marking “accept” included in our emergent window and the applied information on the cookies is shown in this policy of cookies.

5. Installation of cookies The acceptation of installation of cookies in your computer is your decision, the negative is doing so will suppose the function of the webpage will be limited or won’t be possible, thus the capacity of services will not be possible from our firm’s behalf. 6. Deactivation of cookies
At any moment, you can block, deactivate or change the configuration of the cookies installed in your computer. We shall facilitate the way for you to do it on main browsers.

And this the cookies to third parties Google Adwords: Our firm will not be responsible for the contents and trough of the polices of cookies of anterior third parties.

7. Security of your data
We will protect your data with measures of security efficient in function with the risks involving the use of efficient in function with the risks involving the use of your information. For this our firm has approved a policy for Protection of Data and will realize controls and yearly auditing to verify the personal data being safe at all time.

8. Where can I lodge a claim ?
Do you know we have a delegate of Protection of Data in our firm which can send all your claims, doubts and suggestions about the use on your personal data? These are your contact data:
· CONTACT TEL: 96 127 21 20
In case you feel your rights have been neglected by our firm, you can formulate a claim at the Spanish Agency for Protection of Data through the following channels.
· POSTAL DIRECTION: Spanish Agency for Protection of Data C/Jorge Juan nº 6 Madrid 28001
· BY TEL: 901 100 099 / 91 266 35 17

To formulate a claim at the Spanish Agency for Protection of Data has no cost and it isn’t necessary the assistance of a lawyer nor a solicitor.